Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Way too long

I know it has been way too long since the last time I posted...  A lot has happened, my baby girl Makena has become a  big girl over night it seems.  She can swim half the length of the pool - UNDERWATER!!   She is still not potty trained, sigh, but what can I do.  We started her Parent/Child Program at the Waldorf school and I LOVE it.  She had so much fun and so did I. The two hours flew by.  We had free play, painting, circle time, lunch and a very fun walk to the river & the farm.  She got to see a llama, sheep, a cow, a pig, chickens (& feed them), a goose, & a cat.

Tayler, meanwhile, had a ton of fun with Auntie Debi during school time for Makena.  Thank you Auntie Debi for all that you do for us!  Tayler is almost sleeping through the night, most nights.  She sleeps from about 8/8:30 until about 6am, then comes to bed with Daddy & Mama until about 7am when sister wakes up.  She is babbling a ton.  Still only talks about the bath, but I would swear she's saying Dada some days.  She waved unprompted to Daddy as he was leaving today.  We do walk him out each day.  

We have figured out why Makena is no longer sleeping until 7am... The train...  The other morning Mike went in her room and she said "Daddy, the choo, choo wake me up - it LOUD."  And then there is the Dish Network dish that is not in use, but they apparently do not take down the old ones.  It is mounted outside her closet & is super loud squeaking when it is windy. Mike is working on getting th

at down this week.  As for the train... we tried putting the humidifier in her room on high and even it wasn't loud enough to drown out the whistle when Makena is in the light time of sleep.  

Michael is back in the Real Estate profession.  So any referrals send his way.  He is really excited about this new endeavor.  

I will leave you with a couple pics, with more to come!

Tay's first popsicle