Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today in the pool

Makena: Mama. Mama! Push me in.

Me: Okay. (gently pushes her off the step & into the pool)

Makena: (swimming back to the step) That was so not cool, Mom! (in her best 13-year-old accent)

Sigh... I guess it starts young.

Above - a couple of pictures from, last month, I think - we drove to the lake for the day, hiked around a bit, threw the stick for Lola, & had a picnic lunch. All in all a fun Sunday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So long!

Wow!  It has been a long time since I have written here.  I have had a hard time finding the time.  Well, let's see - the girls are good.  Michael and I are good.  Lola's good.  

Makena:  We had our last day of the Parent/Child program at Sac Waldorf.  We were so sad to say goodbye to Teacher Marie.  It was great to have that special time with just Makena and I each week.  I am pretty sure she looked forward to it and I know I did.  Thanks to Auntie Debi to watching Tayler on Tuesdays so we could have that.  Makena starts preschool in the Fall.  How is that possible?  My kid is going into preschool...   She is loving the pool so far this summer.  Not as daring as she was last year, but still getting braver each day.  I think after we go through swim lessons again then she will be swimming the length of the pool again.  I am hoping to put her in soccer in the fall as well.  The girl can kick a ball!

Tayler:  She had her last "Tayler Tot Tuesday" with Auntie Debi.  I know she LOVED having that time with her auntie.  Even for the last couple of months when she had to share Auntie with Baby Declan every other week.    Tay and I will be doing the Parent/Child class next year with Teacher Marie and also a dance class once a week.  It will be fun to have some one on one time with her.   Tay is enjoying the pool this year too.  She is getting braver on the big step & even trying to practice her "kickers" while her Daddy or I float her around the pool.  

Lola:  Our sweet Pitbull.  Not much new with her.  She is still the non-barking, food-loving, girl. A dog park is opened just down the street & she is definitely a fan.

Michael:  Is working hard - both on MKM Customs (on ebay) and with Wakeair.  

Me:  Having tons of fun, and staying busy staying home with the girls.  Although "staying home" is a relative term.  We are BUSY!  There are days I'd like to tear my hair out - but I think that's normal.  We have a lot of fun though.  The girls crack me up every day.  The things they say, the things they do... 

I'm going to say as I always do - I am hoping to keep this updated more often.

A couple pics...

And for whatever reason - they post to the top!