Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did you fart?

We are playing in the playroom last night & I hear Makena saying "Did you fart?   Yeah.  Whew! Stinky!" & lifting up the tail of her pony.   She was brushing it's mane & tail and after each brush saying "You so pretty.  Your hair sooooo pretty."  

We went to the Aquatic Center for our niece & nephew's birthday party last Saturday & a kid tried to push Makena under water.  Mike was right there & took the kid's arm off of Makena.  Later that night he taught M to say "Don't push me - that's not nice!" (& to point her finger.) So she keeps telling me "Mama, if a kid push me I say "No push me, that's not nice and I point my finger." It is so funny when she does it.  

Tayler has started waving.  It is adorable!  She did it a couple weeks ago, but nothing since.  Then, today she started again.   The girls are really enjoying the playroom.  Tay plays so independently already - makes me sad she is growing up so fast.   No sleeping thru the night yet, but doing well in her crib.  

We went to look at the proofs of our family portraits & Tayler's belated six month pics today and they turned out amazing!  If they put us on their blog I'll link you to it.   I am so excited to get them up in the house.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Packing, Moving, Unpacking

Hi all, 
Well I moved the blog, because this one is so much easier to use.  

We have spent the last couple weeks packing, moving & now unpacking.  Whew!  It is a lot of work doing all this and having the kids around.  Thank you so much to Auntie Debi for all your help with them during this hectic time.  Also, thank you to everyone who helped us move - we appreciate it so much!  Hopefully we will get the pictures hung this weekend and it will really start to feel like home.  

The girls are getting huge!  Makena cracks me up
 with all she has to say.  This morning on the way to the gym - "Mama, where we going?"   I say to the gym - she says "You want to exercise?"  I say yes and she says "Makena play with kids, no hit them, that not nice..."  I say "Yes, no hitting, we play nice with our friends."  She talks in sentences - and has comprehension - when did that happen - my two-year old going on 13.  

Tayler is growing fast.  She is crawling every where, babbling, laughing, yelling.  She now yells at me when I take something away from her - and fake cries.  Makes me laugh.  Still a very happy baby - which people always comment on.  

Both girls love the pool.  We start swim lessons on August 4th with both of them.  Michael and I will be doing the classes with them.  I think 
they will be fun.  

Had other pics, but erased them on accident...  So here is the one that survived - need to get back to unpacking - more later...

Fourth of July